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Robots doing your job...what will happen next.

Very few of us can be sure that our jobs will not, in the near future, be done by machines. We know about cars built by robots, cashpoints replacing bank tellers, ticket dispensers replacing train staff, self-service checkouts replacing supermarket staff,  tele­phone operators replaced by “call trees," and so on. But this is small stuff compared with what might happen next.?
Nursing may be done by robots, delivery men replaced by drones, GPs replaced by artificially “intelligent” diagnosers and health-sensing skin patches, back-room grunt work in law offices done by clerical automatons, and remote teaching conducted by computers. In fact, it is quite hard to think of a job that cannot be partly or fully automated. And technology is a classless wrecking ball—the old blue-collar jobs have been disappearing for years; now they are being followed by white-collar ones. Even if neo Luddites emerge nothing will stop the relentless advance of technology.

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