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Literature as organised violence

Roman Jakobson described literature as "organized violence committed on ordinary speech."

Literature constitutes a deviation from average speech that intensifies, invigorates, and estranges the mundane speech patterns.

In other words, for the Formalists, literature is set apart because it is just that: set apart. The use of devices such as imagery, rhythm, and meter is what separates
"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, exhibit number one is...."
"the assignment for next week is on page eighty four."

Nabokov advises us to look at the tangle of thorns in words and in this  estrangement serves literature by forcing the reader to think about what might have been an ordinary piece of writing about a common life experience in a more thoughtful way.

A piece of writing in a novel versus a piece of writing in a fishing magazine. At the very least, literature should encourage readers to stop and look closer at scenes and happenings they otherwise might have skimmed through uncaring. The reader is not meant to be able to skim through literature. When addressed in a language of estrangement, speech cannot be skimmed through. "In the routines of everyday speech, our perceptions of and responses to reality become stale, blunted, and as the Formalists would say 'automatized'. By forcing us into a dramatic awareness of language, literature refreshes these habitual responses and renders objects more perceptible

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