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The Mueller probe runs and runs now watch the musical

Image result for a musical

Post the bomb shell release there was no Trump camp collusion and it did not affect the US Election
the left pathologically avow 'ah but wait' is not over yet
so the Mueller show runs and runs and the credulous tax payer forks up for
their malingering and the left like some religious creed with an unshakable faith that their God
like belief, that he is guilty and we will get him and we will get him on your money, not ours.

Mueller probe sans teeth sans everything

Welcome to the Mueller showImage result for lion without teeth

PROVEN TO BE SANS TEETH Image result for gummy man

where millions of tax dollars 


The most important thing to take away from this Russian indictment charade is this: there are no allegations that any American was a participant in the scheme, nor is there any allegation that the scheme affected the outcome of the election.

The rest is purely Mueller theatre.
Thirteen Russians and three Russian entities were indicted Friday for allegedly interfering in U.S. elections and political processes, a spokesperson for special counsel Robert Mueller’s office said in a statement.
The indictment states that “from in or around 2014 to the present... 
if it was from 2014 what was and where was Obama's counter action to this Russian undermining of the political process - it would appear that credulity and the spirit of unwittingness was alive and well under the 
Obama administration Image result for obama asleep

But Democrats are exultant....duh duh see there is always hope that one day....the Heavens will
open and we will all be saved

In the meantime let the tacit American civil war continue....

In Moscow they are chortling Image result for russians laughing
You know the Americans are very impressionable pople
Indeed Sergei, but then it is a very adolescent country, Nyet?

Is this a problem with evolution?

Image result for leopard chasing prey
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The Leopard has learnt to run faster but so has its prey.

Are we induced to go to the gym through technocratic Liberalism?

ThImage result for go to the gym

ere are many kinds of social engineering, ie make people go to the gym now to save money on their healthcare later. 

And there  are obvious libertarian objections to the idea that the state should have licence to mess with your mind. 

 If you want people to buy less sugar or use less petrol, (surely we all do)  the best way is to increase the price of these goods by cutting subsidies for their production or by taxing them.

It’s easy to convince others of falsehoods merely by repeating them: when you’re exposed frequently to an idea, System 1 comes to feel at ease with it, and the lazy System 2 interrogates it less. ‘Familiarity is not easily distinguished from truth,’ Kahneman writes.

Kahneman would argue that simple formulas should be trusted over human judgment in most cases, and that expertise is wildly overrated. 

Pundits are terrible at forecasting political and economic events, and few stock pickers can beat the market. 

When humans make an evaluation, they can’t help being influenced by context, and a slight change of mood can have a dramatic effect: judges, for example, are much less likely to grant parole when they’re hungry than just after they’ve eaten. Better to entrust this kind of decision to an algorithm.

The aim for us all might be to dispense with the favourable or negative first impressions that come from face to face conversation

'Sunk Cost' why we refuse to give up on a bad investment

Image result for stock market losers

 It turns out that few people think like economists. They evaluate their choices according to where they start, not where they might end up, and much more than they like gaining, they hate losing.

.The reason we are reluctant to quit a bad investment, but instead ‘throw good money after bad’, is that giving it up is experienced as a loss, even if it is the rational thing to do. 

Some  economists tend to dismiss such behaviour as irrational and thus irrelevant to their models. 

Thaler found Kahneman and Tversky’s work exciting because they had shown that such behaviour was the rule, not the exception. 

Almost no one acted like the rational, self-interested, and utility-maximising individual assumed in standard economic models. Thaler referred to this fictional person as an ‘Econ’, to be contrasted with a ‘Human’, who makes silly decisions and is easily distracted. 

So what is point of economics if it doesn't  describe the world?

The mind prefers narratives to numbers.

Image result for stories v numbers#

The way we evaluate information is strongly influenced by the way it is presented, and we rely on stereotypes and available evidence, even if it is limited, which makes us prone to jump to conclusion. 

It turns out that few people think like economists. They evaluate their choices according to where they start, not where they might end up, and much more than they like gaining, they hate losing.

There is one  basic fact about human cognition: the mind prefers narratives to numbers.
Ask people to SAVE  on their  electricity bill, fhowever if you point out that you are LOSING money they are much more likely to take action.
 Oddly, making people opt out of organ donation rather than opt in increases enrolment

We employ systems for our evaluations  System 2 relies on heuristics and rules of thumb to assess the world, leading to all manner of mistake

Most people, for example (including statisticians), reach strong conclusions on the basis of limited evidence. When they hear a story that appears to make sense, they forget a basic statistical truth: that small samples make for bad generalisations. 

Currently, it is as if there were two Americas


Image result for divided America

‘It’s as if there were two Americas, or at least two American cultures,’ 

 ‘the media-elite America, which the other half (the deplorables, the ones happy to be getting 'crumbs') who feel that  the other America Image result for divided America– he snooty liberal class  the one between Manhattan and Malibu.’  are shunning them.