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Liberals! their God-ache is our Head-ache

The 'Libertarian'  spirit is a quasi religious thing that manifests itself because of a truant deity, so their God-ache becomes our Head-ache.  What undergirds their cri de couers is a quasi religious morality
which they stridently voice but upon inquiry these moralisers can give no cogent  justification for their moral preening (apart from resorting to ad hominen name calling if you disagree);
for how can one justify morality, what justifies its  justification?  Some, rather unkindly, have referred tot the younger element in the Libertarian movement as the zit and snog element, however
the 'young' must have their voice.  If this movement which is populism of a different hue, has its day
allied to the ongoing Inquisition of the Trump probe, then its advocates might do well to be cognizant of the fact the history is not deterministic (it will all be better after Trumps goes)  but History is
un deterministic, so those barking at the moon and hoping for a new dawn, might look to the vagaries of the weather, which many have endeavoured to determine without being aware of the storm that is brewing after that new dawn.

Are the morally superior left giving us a headache with their God ache

So the set-to between realism and anti-realism – about in what sense, if any, morality is part of the world – gets confused with the wrangle over how, or indeed whether, morality can get us off the chaise-longue. as the left smitten with smitten with ‘a God-ache urge us to do without any cogent argument as to why one should get off our butts,

Are these leftists progressives liberals quasi religious secular priests plagued by the truant deity?

Anti Trumpism is an ongoing act of defecation

  1. consprica theory et al is an 
act of defecation by the a left leaning hippopotamus and is an incoherent stream of outpouring of utterly irrational rage

The Clinton dynasty who seek to lustrate Trump

Lustration (from the Latin verb lustrare, to ceremonially purify) refers to a policy that seeks to cleanse a new regime.  The elites who lost are still barking at a full moon

History is not deterministic it is undertministic

What would happen in the US if the leftist Inquisition (the Mueller probe etc) suceeds and brings Trump down.  This is a real probability because the power held by the leftist media and the 'talking'
society, who by their blathering have the power to influence.

So to the point that History is undeterministic we can  look at the evidence as illustrated in an article
by Linda Colley in the London Review of Books.

There have been a few genuinely world-altering events that seem to have happened in an instant. The men who dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima on 6 August 1945 were deploying technology that had taken decades to develop. Nonetheless, in carrying out that act, these US airmen did effect an almost immediate transformation in the nature of warfare and in attitudes towards it. 
Many momentous changes, however, have taken centuries to work through. Consider the terrible outbreak of plague in the 14th century known as the Black Death. Europe suffered disproportionately, losing perhaps 50 per cent of its total population. One result of this, however, was that the living standards and wages of many of those who survived seem to have improved. This, it has been suggested, led in time to a marked increase in Europeans’ food consumption and demand for consumer goods. And this rise in demand may well in turn have contributed to the increasing number of European trading voyages across the world’s oceans in the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries. Even traumatic shifts in human history can have mixed and sometimes useful consequences.
So epic changes are very occasionally rapid, but sometimes stretch over centuries. Most commonly, though, major changes become apparent within the canonical span of a human lifetime: three score years and ten. Consider the dramatic changes that have occurred in Germany in the seventy or so years since the Second World War, and the multiple, multinational consequences of this.
So if Trump is brought down which is a real possibility there may be many on the left
who will believe in determinism a good thing has been brought about, but history
tells us that post the event there will be undeterministic consequences, such as riots
extreme civil disorder etc and one can already see evidence of that in an embryonic
form across the US breakfast tables

Obama the slack sphinctered President

Obama the slack sphinctered President with his verbal symbolic pecs-flex, a genuinely gratuitous act.
He defers action by talk, he is muscular verbally, but a wimp when it come to action.

What justifies morality, what justifies its justification?

The initial mistake is to think that there could be something which justifies morality, where justification is assumed to be independent. But this doesn’t get us any further along if the reason for trying to justify it to start with was that some people don’t want to take any notice of it. 

This is guilt commodification, the indulgence-sale launched when the Invisible Hand turns to pleasuring the spiritual organ Today’s aimless moralism offers a worse yesterday, and this faute de mieux, a better tomorrow being out of bounds. What sets out as critique may become commodity fetishism, symptom rather than diagnosis.

Our moral philosophers are still stalked by a truant deity.

The error is compounded by assuming that the issue of justification has to do with supplying a motive for acting morally, whether that is effected by an appeal to our supposed interest in doing so or, less aspiringly, by a suit paid to collective or individual prudence

Hypotheses non fingo

As often in contractarianism, the justificatory journey involves a trip up the hill and then back down again. 

Political theory still attempts to found the ‘obligation’ to obey the state on an original contract.

 The exchange usually goes something like this. To those who seek to justify the state by means of a hypothetical contract, anarchists not unreasonably point out that if de facto subjects had wanted to sign themselves up to some agreement binding them to obey the state, they would probably have done so without the stir of philosophers. 

The statist’s standard rejoinder, in so many words, is that if they don’t want to sign up, they ought to want to. Well, maybe, but then you may as well just say that the reason is that they ought to, and stop pretending that it is because they want to. As anarchists can fairly point out, the alternative is not obviously worse than a fictive contract based on a hypothetical desire to act on a suppositious obligation. Newton’s self-admonition – hypotheses non fingo – goes not only for the laws governing the starry firmament, but also for the moral law whose Newton Kant believed himself to be.

I have not as yet been able to discover the reason for these properties of gravity from phenomena, and I do not feign hypotheses. For whatever is not deduced from the phenomena must be called a hypothesis; and hypotheses, whether metaphysical or physical, or based on occult qualities, or mechanical, have no place in experimental philosophy. In this philosophy particular propositions are inferred from the phenomena, and afterwards rendered general by induction

Mutual indifference of people not willing to help

Here is the core idea. If you do not come to the aid of others who are under grave assault, in acute danger or crying need, you cannot reasonably expect others to come to your aid in similar emergency; you cannot consider them so obligated to you. 

Other people, equally, unmoved by the emergencies of others, cannot reasonably expect to be helped in deep trouble themselves, or consider others obligated to help them  this is the contract of mutual indifference.

The preening moralising Hollywood divas

Morality, shmorality. tremulous Hollywood divas parading at Harvard, pre-impeachment they naively hope, their moral demands on others are somewhat shallower than they believe, for their moral obligations are assigned bu no one is taking  any notice; of course there is always areas ripe for critique, but as far as that (Trump)  that priapic old Pinocchio has people on the left have tellingly referred to him is not the found himself ensnared in micro gossip is that not enough
for these bile ridden preening moralisers.

Proust and Einstein and their view of the subjectivity of Time

What Proust and Einstein had in common was in their different is that they were concerned with the subjectivity of time

Was there 'Finlandisation' by Obama in his dealings with Iran

noun: Finlandisation
  1. the process or result of being obliged for economic reasons to favour, or at least not oppose, the interests of the former Soviet Union despite not being politically allied to it.

The left's latest accusation against Trump

The comforts of conspiracy and treason is no longer enough
the impact has to be cumulative, so to treason, conspiracy, collusion, they have added
massacre, torture, rape, man-made famine and pestilence – all human evil is with him
and when they get back in the classroom no doubt the homogeneous array of lefty Professors will drum up further anti Trump charges to incite them.

If you are a Trumper you now need a 'testudo' to go to a retaurant

Meanhwhile if you are a Trumper, or on the 'right' going to a restaurant now you have to go under the cover a testudo (in ancient Rome a wheeled screen with an arched roof, used to protect besieging ttroops. a protective screen formed by a body of troops holding their shields above their heads in such a way that the shields overlap)Special police forces cordon at the demonstration, blocking street protests

On those student protests

Saturday-night zit-and-snog crowd, with the consolation of a choice we can understand. Hence their comfort blanket is the muggy comforts of  ‘conspiracism’.

Speaking of Morality - what justifies justification?

The initial mistake is to think that there could be something which justifies morality,

where justification is assumed to be independent of whether anyone is disposed to heed it. But this doesn’t get us any further along if the reason for trying to justify it to start with was that some people don’t want to take any notice of it.

What would have happened if Kruschev instead of Kennedy has bee assassinated

 On the false symmetry assumption, some time after Kennedy’s death, a Western journalist asked Mao Zedong what would have happened if Khrushchev had been assassinated rather than Kennedy. After reflecting for a moment, Mao said that whatever else might have happened, he didn’t think Mr Onassis would have married Mrs Kennedy

The Left’s Kristallnacht and the Destruction of Democracy

The Left’s Kristallnacht and the Destruction of Democracy

Do Americans have shared values anymore? How would we know? We can’t even discuss them. People speaking on college campuses are shouted down. Presentations are banned. Riots break out. Starbucks windows are smashed. Police cars are burned. And the perpetrators are exclusively individuals identifying with the “liberal left.”
Suppression of ideas and freedom of speech have not occurred to this degree since the Brown Shirts and the Hitler Youth attacked Jews on November 9, 1938 – the infamous Kristallnacht.  Kristallnacht refers to the glass windows broken during the night.
Can anyone talk about our values without being attacked? 
Starting with the question, “What are our values?”
The common ones from western culture, particularly from the cradle of democracy – Greece – include wisdom, temperance, courage, justice.
Wisdom is a basic value
Let’s address Wisdom. Wisdom is the soundness of an action or decision with regard to the application of experience, knowledge, and good judgment.
Early writers like Cicero and Quintillian argued that basic to obtaining wisdom is debate and oratory.  Debate and oratory contribute to persuading individuals with regard to the soundness of actions or decisions.
Debate is necessary for wisdom
Debate is essential to wisdom because debate helps determine the truth. Determining the truth and deciding on the prudent course of action or decision is a deliberative, give and take process.  Skillful application of oratory makes the truth appealing, and persuades individuals to act wisely.
If we cannot engage in freedom of speech and the free exchange of ideas we cannot engage in debate. Without the exchange of ideas, debate, and wisdom – deliberating on what right action to take – democracy is not possible.
Wisdom, hence debate, is necessary for good democracy
Why? Because democracy requires that people are informed, that they discuss ideas and make decisions about the right course of action.
Every bill in the legislature is debated. Every conceivable interest group weighs in. We can’t pass a bill about water without hearing from pepper farmers, golf course owners, the chamber of commerce, and Green Peace.
The left suppresses speech and incites violence, just like the Hitler Youth
But the actions of the “liberal left” and the so-called “antifa” have become the antithesis of free exchange of ideas, free speech, and open debate. Despite the left’s name calling, it is actually the left that has become the new incarnation of speech suppression and violence. The left’s violence is bringing a modern Kristallnacht, with behavior rivaling the Brownshirts and Hitler Youth.
When was the last time you heard of chile pepper farmers burning police cars to protest someone speaking about corn?
Think of how western civilization has placed primacy on freedom of speech.
Freedom of speech first was officially protected 800 years ago in the Magna Carta signed in 1215.
Bill of rights were ratified on December 15, 1791 and were based in part on the English law Bill of Rights of 1689. Freedom of speech was specifically identified as a foundation of our rights as part of the 1st amendment.
The left is attacking democracy
The left’s attack on speech is an attack on the exchange of ideas, on open debate, and ultimately on wisdom, on our values, and on democracy itself. This an evil.
Take action
Americans need to stand up, step up, and speak up in support of our most basic right: freedom of speech. Americans need to stand up against evil


Jean Claude Drunker

Jean Claude Drunker, he on high at EU has been called a hectoring drunken lout by some.

Is this fair.

America v Russia and the road not taken

 America v Russia and the road not taken of rapprochement

Why? the elites the so called educated, with their bile filled
deranged Trump syndrome
if you are part of the left there are just too many people to shoe horn, to hate and despise, the holier than thou secular priests that convene on the left, their enmity of Russia they believe is a means back to power
they wish to propagate their preferred narrative (the Russian boogy man) in an endeavour to show up their ideological opponents in as harsh a light as possible.

All very frightening stuff

The Oedipal influence of McCarthyism on how Americans view Russians

The Oedipal influence of McCarthyism that fuels the the present paranoia about Russia

We have all been manipulated to some degree

The Contrarian responds to an article in the New York Times

Who Mr Hurd, might I ask, are you being manipulated by with your opinions which I would submit are no more than theories? Respected positions you may have held, which may give weight to your views, but for those on the other side of the aisle, such postiions could be regarded as an impediment that has blinkered or 'manipulated' you. Your analysis is either off the cuff or deeply considered depending on your reader and they in turn, I would submit, are being manipulated. Every one is manipulated to some degree otherwise we would all be tabula rasa, sine die. Reflect on the manipulation in your piece.'Trump. Manipulation, Putin' screams out the headline that has enough incendiary kerosene in it to ignite more wildfires across the breakfast tables of American. There is an ongoing Inquisition (the Mueller probe) in the US since the Clinton dynasty was snuffed out and the secular priests who are urging it will not be satisfied until they gloat by the pyre and watch the architect of their defeat, that heretic Trump, burn ingloriously in an auto-da-fé. As to Putin it is good to have an opponent, an adversary, it fuels your anger, it keep one focused, gives one a raison d'être. I was 'manipulated' into that view when I was a professional sports person, duh.

The dye of Civil War in America is cast

Trump’s “Surrender Summit” with President Vladimir Putin of Russia was such a disloyal, traitorous display that it boggles the mind.' What truly boggles the mind is Mr Blow's (the NYT jounalist) is his overblown assertions. Where in God's name is the nuance? He is right to say this is truly an American crisis moment. I would submit it is the leftist media who are fermenting it. By way of example Mr Blow's pre Helisinki headline read 'Trump Treasonous Traitor', in shy making alliteration. So the anti-Trump dye of bias was already cast. Just as the protest placards displayed xxx, we don't care who it is protest to Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination, we are against you; talk about blind rage. In the US between left and right verbal barricaded battle lines are drawn hard and fast, there is a tacit civil war in America and incendiary name calling and blind rage just fan the divisive flames.America could rightly question the loyalties of its own president...Trump’s “Surrender Summit”

Is Trump mentally ill, or is it America?

People in the US are viewing whatever problems they see very strongly through their partisan lenses, they should take a step back and consider.

The left, their Trump hating actions is the very definition of insanity

Breaking news! America is seriously the actions of the left.  Talk about sore losers, they challenge Trump's mental health as they blitzkrieg America that they, the deplorables made a fatal error in how they voted.

They keep repeating this action and failing...yet they do it again and this not the very definition of insanity?

Why the media are leftist

The main reason is that all major U.S. newspapers are based in cities. Cities in America are in the main run by Democrats, because they are populated, by and large, with Democrats, and very often also surrounded by Democratic suburbs. And because cities are run by Democrats, and populated by not only by Democrats but, very often, by liberal, minority, and immigrant Democrats, they tend to have laws on the books that at least formally signal a desire to serve the interests of these voting groups

American newspapers originated as physical objects designed to be distributed in defined, geographically constrained regions. They originated as urban creations because only in urban areas was there enough commerce, enough politics -- enough news -- for them to grow, and enough readers to make them strong.

American newspapers originated as physical objects designed to be distributed in defined, geographically constrained regions. They originated as urban creations because only in urban areas was there enough commerce, enough politics -- enough news -- for them to grow, and enough readers to make them strong.

If you are media person you live in the city and have been urbanized

There is no doubt there is a secular, urbanized (emphasis added), college-educated and socially liberal portion of the United States. Unfortunately for the rest of America, the media are almost entirely made up of such people, who by virtue of their employment and income status have limited contact with those on the other side of this cultural gap ....

In the US the left and right are split on their perceptions of reality

Post Helisinki and the ensuing screams of 'triaitor treason[
suggests that the left leaning media  have become radically split fron the right in their basic perceptions of reality


Stubborn facts about how much each lawyer on Mueller probe has earned

No one is denying Mueller is a find and noble man with an illustrious career, however that is no guarantee of delivering, justice, or the truth, nor does it guarantee fairness. Yes, the Republican broadside is destructive, destructive to what?  Equally destructive and perhaps more so is this never ending Mueller probe which drapes America in a shroud of doubt and in keep it  a state of stasis and every day it continues the US loses as it further divides

Facts are indeed stubborn things, fact: the Muller probe has run for close on two 
two years, fact: costing the US taxpayer millions and millions of dollars
which have been trousered by not short of a penny mainly sympathetic to Democrat lawyers. Like the question how many immigrants are you prepared to let into America; 1 million or 100 million, similarly how long and how much cost are you prepared to accommodate for the Mueller probe, 5, 10 years, $50 million
or $500 million.

Might not  as a matter of public information those on 'high'
request the disclosure of how much each lawyer has so far earned from the 
pure as white Mueller probe.

In this way the US taxpayer would be privy to some interesting and no doubt stubborn facts.

Obama the 'talker' Trump the 'doer'

Those right wing water carriers for the Kremlin, Hannity, Ingraham,Carlson would have accused Obama of 'treason' if the shoe was on the other foot. Interestingly, exactly what a NYT headline
in shy making alliteration 'Trump  Treasonous Traitor' accused  Trump of pre-Helisinki. So, one could argue that  the dye of bias was truly cast on whatever Trump said or did. OK Trump is no wordsmith, thank God, unlike the sylvan tongued Obama (blame Harvard). The contrast between the doer and the talker could never be more evident than between these two men.  No, you are  'not speechless'
indeed it would appear very far from it and thereby might lay the fault line 
in the culture wars that are rupturing America.  I speak of the cordon sanitaire
that separates the coasts and the fly over states, the globalists and the populists, the talker and the doers. There used to be a UK television programme called 
'Talking Heads' and with respect this title would be apt for your discussion
however I must point out, at the risk of being rude, that the programme was justifiably lampooning 'talkers'. 

Your brain and mind are one

The case for the rapprochement of neurology and psychiatry

 Most recent  argues for a rapprochement of neurology and psychiatry, forming a specialty above and beyond a subspecialty of psychiatry. 

For example, Professor Joseph B. Martin, former Dean of Harvard Medical School and a neurologist by training, has summarized the argument for reunion:

 "the separation of the two categories is arbitrary, often influenced by beliefs rather than proven scientific observations.

And the fact that the brain and mind are one makes the separation artificial anyway.

The left are lobotomised by their election defeat

There is a madness abroad in the air, and there has been in the US since Clinton lost and Trump won

The anti-Trump vitriol and bile borders on a group (the herd) madness hooves thundering in the charge.

Read the New York it is terrifying how these so called educated people offer their group opinions
as if they have been lobotoised

The media are the real terrorists.

Questions asked by 'Reporters' make that pedestrian parasites,  I paraphrase by one reporter
who looked like he should sill be in secondary school

I paraphrase, 'Do you have any compromising sleazy dirt of on President Trump?'

Which all this did was to point to the sleazy mind of the reporter.

The media are the real terrorists.

Trump is right - the Mueller probe has damaged and continues to damage the US

How long does this trail run, it would be interesting to disclose how much the Clinton supporting lawyers have earned for this witch hunt.  

'Trump Treasonous Traitor' that is scary alliteration

'Trump  Treasonous Traitor' the New York Times journalists are at it again with their scary headlines,

'Trump  Treasonous Traitor' with it scary and childish alliteration that ham fised delivers it partisan
message to its gulled readers. Yes, ;...the Robert Mueller investigation is looking into this, trying to figure out....' I'll say they are and millions and millions of
taxpayers dollars later (well one has to understand that lawyers
have to acquire that 11 bed roomed house). This Mueller show is going to run and run funded by a duped American taxpayer.
One's default option on perusing this frighteningly partisan piece is to lapse into satire.
So satirically or not,  I would not be surprised to see the Mueller probe on Broadway in the next decade. The set designer would have a field day think of mocking up all those 11 bed roomed houses

Many thinking people believe that the real terrorists in our society are the media.

Is your brain at birth a blank state or hard wired?

In the field of psychology, nativism is the view that certain skills or abilities are "native" or hard-wired into the brain at birth. This is in contrast to empiricism, the "blank slate" or tabula rasa view, which states that the brain has inborn capabilities for learning from the environment but does not contain content such as innate beliefs. This factor contributes to the ongoing nature versus nurture dispute, one borne from the current difficulty of reverse engineering the subconscious operations of the brain, especially the human brain.
Some nativists believe that specific beliefs or preferences are "hard wired". For example, one might argue that some moral intuitions are innate or that color preferences are innate. A less established argument is that nature supplies the human mind with specialized learning devices. This latter view differs from empiricism only to the extent that the algorithms that translate experience into information may be more complex and specialized in nativist theories than in empiricist theories. However, empiricists largely remain open to the nature of learning algorithms and are by no means restricted to the historical associationist mechanisms of behaviorism.

Humans from birth have certain cognitive modules (specialised genetically inherited psychological abilities) that allow them to learn and acquire certain skills, such as language. For example, children demonstrate a facility for acquiring spoken language but require intensive training to learn to read and write

Snob journalists accuse Trump of being rude LOL

What is 'rude' about indicating a truth? What Germany pays to NATO and at the same time enriches Russia through buying its gas, are facts. Is it not 'rude' or just plain underhanded, as Obama was, to deny the above facts to the American people? There is an element of cultural snobbery in accusing others of being rude, also it is petty; where to put your cheese knife etc, if it is a choice between being the guy rudely stating facts and the supine guy who denies his public the facts...because it might be 'rude' to do so....I will go for the rude guy who gives us the facts every time. Wouldn't you? Well, yes i would providing he does so in a circumspect way, keep his voice respectfully low and know what spoon to use for desert. Important that one is not viewed as being rude, so keep the facts out of it, after all they might upset one's hosts.

How language influences your moral decisions

If you were asked in say, French, would you sacrifice one man to save five? Your answer is (studies prove) that you will be much more ready to display a charitable nature, than in you were asked in your native tongue, 

Whatever your answer, it should not depend on whether you were asked the question in your native language or a foreign tongue so long as you understood the problem.

And yet there is evidence that people using a foreign language make substantially more utilitarian decisions when faced with such moral dilemmas.

 This stems from the reduced emotional response elicited by the foreign language, consequently reducing the impact of intuitive emotional concerns. In general, studies suggest that  the increased psychological distance of using a foreign language induces a 'higher' moral response This shows that moral judgments can be heavily affected by an orthogonal ( statistically independent) property to moral principles, 

These findings binding language to moral sentiments suggest that it is relevant to hundreds of millions of individuals on a daily basis

The 'availability heuristic' which influences your fears

Our memories can have a dramatic influence on how we assess probability and risk. Take for example the fact that “terrorist attacks” rank among Americans’ greatest fears, when they are thousands of times more likely to be killed by a gun. This is partly because of the availability heuristic, which is our tendency to judge the likelihood of events based on how easily and clearly examples come to mind

The availability heuristic

is a judgmental heuristic in which a person evaluates the frequency of classes or the probability of events by availability, i.e., by the ease with which relevant instances come to mind. Consequently, the reliance on the availability heuristic leads to systematic biases. Such biases are demonstrated in the judged frequency of classes of words, of combinatorial outcomes, and of repeated events. The phenomenon of illusory correlation is explained as an availability bias. 

his paper explores a judgmental heuristic in which a person evaluates the frequency of classes or the probability of events by availability, i.e., by the ease with which relevant instances come to mind. In general, availability is correlated with ecological frequency, but it is also affected by other factors. Consequently, the reliance on the availability heuristic leads to systematic biases. Such biases are demonstrated in the judged frequency of classes of words, of combinatorial outcomes, and of repeated events. The phenomenon of illusory correlation is explained as an availability bias. T

Waking and not knowing where or who you are

Proust in

A la recherche du temps perdu In In Search of Lost Time (also known as Remembrance of Things Past)

conjures up that feeling of waking in the middle of the night and not knowing where you are, or indeed at first who you are. It's a feeling which – as the narrator confesses around nine pages into his exploration of this fleeting sensation – never lasts more than a few seconds, but which he finds so unsettling it calls into question the stability of the entire world. As Scott Moncrieff's translation has it:
Perhaps the immobility of the things that surround us is forced upon them by our conviction that they are themselves, and not anything else, by the immobility of our conception of them. For it always happened that when I awoke like this, and my mind struggled in an unsuccessful attempt to discover where I was, everything revolved around me through the darkness: things, places, years

You are what you speak

The Contrarian submits that you are what you speak

we cannot get outside we are in it, there is no Mount on high
that we can exclude ourselves from language, even thinking of such an action, to exclude ourselves from language  is carried out in language  there is a phenomenon called 'language dependent memoryFor bilingual people, this means certain memories are more closely linked to one language than the other – a phenomenon called language-dependent memory

Your blogger Peter Cheevers (the constrarian) has a DJ show twice a week, music is chosen
 by my memories and my associations with past events  -  this can be contained in the language of the song,which triggers my  memories of the event allied to my language.

The best example of memnory and language this in Marcel Proust's

A la recherche du temps perdu In In Search of Lost Time (also known as Remembrance of Things Past),where the narrator on tasting a madelaine past events are evoked.


Do we have too much 'free speech'?

Although  ‘free speech’ is abridged de facto by 'civilit and de jure by legal sanctions on libel, false advertising, incitement to violence, and (in some countries and more controversially) blasphemy, ‘hate speech.
However free speech is not going to a fancy dress party blacked up or dressed as a Wehrmacht officer, don't do it, not even as a joke.

The Contrarian suggest that it is down and dirty in the left/right debate/warImage result for google images tug of war,
so let's roll up our sleeves and take sides in this tug of war

or perhaps as the World cup is still with us let set out our teams and playersm, one rule is: 

You can't win the argument by getting personal

conservatives are heartless, selfish, bigoted, cruel, greedy
zenophobes, islamophobes and homophobes and they are uneducated, poisonously nostalgic for the past and exclusively interested in consolidating their own power

whereas conservatives  are moral and shrill with it, ideologues
quasi religious, delusional, myopic, dangerously ignorant of 
society at large and with their student politics blind to what makes the 'real world' tick

So, let battle commence.