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The left/liberals absolutism

I recall a friend of mine with great presience probably a decade ago said to me, 'do you know who the real terrorists are?'


'The media.'

I dismissed it, a decade later they are justly termed (in the US) the 'opposition'

Today you read articles by 'left' leaning 'journalists' in the UK and you feel like jumping up and down you are so incensed.

To read/listen to the predominantly left leaning press in the UK and it appears the US, one feels one is in Soviet Russia where the opposing view or fact that does not support its view is censored.Witness the demonstrations in Berkeley two nights ago and then read the New York Times account of the events. Why this crude bias?

If we want to get philosophical about it is because as supposedly educated people, journalists are under girded in their views by the twin towers of rationalism and reason. Yet submitting their print bias as rational and reasonable they do not address how both these oh so higher order sentiments consorts with absolutism. It is in this way that they arrive with untroubled conviction that their own moral views are uniquely correct, and can go on with quite frightening certainty to so assuredly argue that other who do not share their morally superior views are defective, sunk in unreason, irrational and, perhaps after all, best governed by us. Witness what is happening in the US today.

In the name of 'balance' (another word for inaction or sitting on the fence) It goes without saying that you could level such bias charges against the 'right'.  They too have a view but not so dogmatic so intransigent, surely more malleable than the certainty of the religious (Godless) left.

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