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Meryl Overdo, Madonna Overdo in a revival of Bartholomew Fair

If one endeavours to anatomise the verbal gushings of the Hollywood glitterati you could do a lot worse than look to Samuel Jonson's play Bartholomew Fair. Although I am not holding my breath that Hollywood types will be rushing to the Library to brush up on Johnson's play.
Adopting Johnson's nomenclature one thinks of Meryl Overdo, Madonna Overdo, Sarah Overdo as characters in a revival of Bartholomew Fair where these characters gushing out their righteousness are shown to be shallow and it emerges that Meryl Overdo is shown to be Meryl Shallow, as is Madonna Shallow and Sarah Shallow.
Just a thought; showed it to one Hollywood producer who suggested amendments to the script where Meryl jets off into space in their quest for the planet Utopia, after a Californian earthquake joined by Madonna (blow it up) and Sarah (I am all for a military coup) ...and then they....

 I pointed out that Johnson's play is germane to today's censure of free speech where Johnosn seem to suggest that in a regulated market where free speech is strangled at birth
is not a good thing because a regulated market  (our current PC world) would be a good deal worse, if only because the regulators are no better than the regulated
You see the idea is, Meryl Overdo as a participant in the  marketplace herself
 a marketplace populated by charlatans but this is also the home of the Overdo's, and that is the story I know Hollywood is manacled by narrative (endings) and teleology (happy endings), so what do you think?'

And then I said to this producer, (he had a great tan) 'don'tyou think your apocalyptic imaginings might be overkill, you know, a little overdone, he reminded me 
'Overdone, get real, this is Hollywood!'

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