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Berkeley and the coming anarchy as a result of the liberal loony left.

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The coming anarchy as a result of neo-liberalism
Fukuyama believed that the end of the Cold War would bring about a new era of peace in world affairs. Kaplan argued that the Cold War was the closest the world would ever get to Utopia.

He also advances further arguments to determine which regimes are bound to fail, notably the presence of a strong, robust bureaucracy, which in turn necessitates a well entrenched middle class.

One could argue that the 'right' if we want to used jaded binary terms and we care to look at events
at American Universities we might find that the 'right' are being used as the passive foils for the psychoses of others.

One is aware that apocalyptic reporting sells magazines/books/film, however
 "The Coming Anarchy": a world in which populations are booming, the environment is poisoned and withering, borders of all sorts are crumbling, cultures are rotting, and cities are being transformed into huge and sprawling villages. What we extrapolate from this dystopian scenario is that we not in control of events, if so, the seed of anarchy is ripening under the guise of the 'left'. Witness Berkeley.

And to those Hollywood elite, Madonna/Silverman with their anarchist proposals, 'I have often thought of blowing the White House up'  Silverman; 'let's have a military coup' in an
anarchist society the role of the 'artist' (if you are not demeaning the term artist with this duo) would disappear completely as all human activity would become in itself artistic

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