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The disunited 'United' States

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We must be careful what we say here for in the UK as I write this 'thought' police is not a reference to an Orwell novel but something that is now enshrined in UK Law...thank you David Cameron et al and other left leaning lunacies, that now seem so prevalent in the 'United' States.

A leftest defence might be  that the deplorables by blaming all of its problems on the immigrant , the political and cultural leadership are able to present the United States as a veritable utopia but for 'that problem'.   The problem with Utopias as a singular notion is that there is a multitude of Utopias
Foucault gave them a name 'Hetreotopia'

The United States has always been touted as a  place where any goal is possible, for the 'strong-hearted' and 'the brave,' and other cheer leading myths

Many see  through the "race-blind" rhetoric that would blame the 'migrant' for their condition and suggests that white America simply acknowledge the political usefulness of having a scapegoat.
However it is healthier to call out what the refugees is and in the vast majority it is 'ecomonic migrant' and young working age men to boot.

And is there a crisis mentality on the 'right' given the relative powerlessness, just wait, of the immigrant our deplorables seem to fear..

Daphne Patai suggests that this kind of response to marginalized voices (immigrants) is due to a phenomenon she calls surplus visibility. When people who have been traditionally silent suddenly speak up, our sense of their presence is exaggerated, recall an articulate Afghanistani interpreter airing his resentments at being barred entry to the US,
. "When 'one of them' is visible, 'all of them' are seen to be taking over."

America struggles to balance itself between a desire for unity which, without opposition, threatens to become a totalitarian orthodoxy and a valuing of differences which, without unifying belief, may lapse into anarchy. The future is never secure.

Many people welcome the invigorating influence of diversity. Others see it as a threat to the common bonds found in America's European heritage

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