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Trump the triage to ailing America

Image result for Trump as a nurse

OK he is no Florence Nightingale dispensing care to the ailing and the sick, however he is a kind of
triage ((in medical use the assignment of degrees of urgency to wounds or illnesses to decide the order of treatment of large numbers of patients or casualties).

Currently Trunp is triaging middle America  the rust belt, wheras the coastal elite don't need tending to as they are lading it in private Hospitals, so to speak.

Undeniably  there is a prevailing state where both sides call the other sick, (wheras I call the left quite mad and frightening in their moral certainties)

The resolution in such an argument is to deconstruct how the oh so moral and sactimonious left
and the virulent right have arrived at their views - I mean lift the paving slabs uncover the  stones and see what lies underneath

What is required of all in the USA especially immigrants/economic refugees is
a common identity open to anyone willing to assimilate

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