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Our thoughts are too elusive to be studied, except in their exspresion through language

How do we arrive at the thought of  a chair or a table,  or thought of objects at all, of any kind.

We arrive at such thoughts through physical theory. 

However theory requires language, for THOUGHT  is too elusive to be studied except in its physical expression i,e language.

 So our question about thought of objects becomes a question about verbal reference to objects.

But how are we able to even enquire (let's call it a fairly sophisticated enquiry) of the above linguistic reference.

The philosopher Quine offers us a physicalist solution, the physical input to which we are exposed i.e the thought, causes  the triggering of sensory receptors, 
then comes the physical output the utterance of the sentences of our theories.  
But how then do we rebut the initial sentence to a more complex one
How do  we advance from the crude input to the sophisticated output. 

We enquire about this conundrum, however currenlty limited, through  semantic, epistemological and  ontological means

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