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The hubristic arrogance of Obama's missionary zeal

If it's Tuesday it must be Athens, so I, BARACK OBAMA,  will tell them how to vote/think because I am a 'progressive'
subtext I am a Lemming in human form who will lead you over the cliff, as I have led the American people over the cliff, if you want proof, look at my legacy. And you will find Greek people and other European capitals that I intend to visit to 'advise' you, I am as garrulous as ever. I would have kept it shorter , but I did not have the time.” – Blaise Pascal

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Maybe while in Athens Obama should cathc up on a Greek myth or two; how about the easy one Narcissus,  Icarus or Peagusus for starters. The Gods, Mr Obama, are no longer smiling on you.
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This kind of Obama arrogance is evident in UK politicians like Tony Blair (surely a candidate for Time's most hated man of the year) and Nick Clegg the ex leader of the UK Liberal Party who has been wrong on every count yet still
pops up to bang our eardrums and tell us what to do. I mean who the f...k to these people with their inflated egos think they are. Aren't they aware we are fast becoming post career politicians (Brexit/Trump).

Where does this kind of ariogance, what even might be termed a pathology emanate from? To me it is a self-belief, a hubris that smacks of religious belief

They have lost these politicians; been defeated, found to be wrong on every count, why don't they have the good grace to shut up. and take up gardening or walking the dog.  Time now for some dignified political quietism put your megaphones away, for no one is listening, you are consigned to being yesterday's men

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