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Obama, the Missionary, warns Europe of fire and brimstone if they don't listen to him

Obama, in his Missionary zeal warns Europe of the coming fire and brimstone, if the EU breaks up

So this extraordinarily arrogant man, wrapped in his own hubris
unable to accept he is yesterday's man, or that his legacy is a devastating division in his own country.
(I will leave that sentence hanging in its non sequitor state)

It wasn't so long ago Obama had the temerity in a blatant and crude collusion with establishment UK politicians to warn the UK populace that they would be at the back of the queue from now on as he tried to coerce them from a Brexit vote.

The UK voters told him to f... off in now uncertain terms.

What constitutes this man's mind set, I blame Harvard for producing such an anodyne person.

We see further evidence of the professoratoriat in action with the demonstrations currently in the US;
these demonstrators are invariably young, very young, but they are urged on by a mature teaching profession who have never uttered an illiberal word in their lives, let us call these people 'tenured

Like shy deer in the forest, you wont see them often  they live in cloistered living spaces.
However from their privileged lairs they are very voluble as they lecture and urge on the nation's youth on what to say and how to think.

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