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Reincarnation, does not make sense, as eternity is incomprehensible

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music notesAs opposed to pseudo skepticism, reckless debunking, skepticism  might be regarded as an honest and healthy search for better truths.

Now there are skeptics about the current state of Science 
and these skeptics say that science that denies the non-material realm is "scientism." 

So let us take that eve popular cultural myth (Beatles) of drug-induced altered states of consciousness, or meditation or hypnosis or come to that any out-of-body experiences;
well do such states exist?.  

But even if such states are discovered,  how would that provide evidence for life after death, much less how it would demonstrate that life is meaningful, either here or in the hereafter

Besides,  the idea of immortality isn't one he can make sense of because the concept of 'eternity' is incomprehensible.
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