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Near death experiences - why are they always looking 'down'?

There is no down or up in space or left or right, when one thinks of space (outisde of the daily practical) one must think infinity.  And in infinity there is no sign which says

Image result for near death experiencesAs to near death experiences, it seems likely that neuroscience will continue to discover that electrical or chemical stimulation of certain parts of the brain can evoke NDE- Near Death experiences
like or OBE-like Out of Body experiences. 


However there is a multitude, not all poorly educated though the bulk are,
who will support or imagine alternative explanations.

One gets the banal assertion that 'some things can't be explained materialistically',
this is a postulate, not a fact and thereby trivializes debate and we have had such assertion for aeon's.

As 'trans' is currently in vogue how about 'trans personal' as an issue for debate, will the day come when one is hauled up before some Orwellian thought crime court for sullying the
'trans personal', yes, for insulting and 'denigrating my non-material mind.'

So for all those atheistic materialists out there, be on you guard!

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