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Does Clairvoyance exist?

Some say that clairvoyance supports a belief in the immaterial world?

Those who do assert that clairvoyance, as we currently know it, is nonphysical from the perspective of a classical, Newtonian universe" and it can't be explained by "extremely low-frequency electromagnetic radiation (ELF).
However,  the caveat is  that any brilliant men have investigated the paranormal but they have yet to find a single person who can, without trickery, send or receive [para normally] even a three-letter word under test conditions.
Nor have they found a single person who can move a pencil across a table psycho kinetically.

So, next time you come across  the Fortune Teller at the Fair peddling her wares and sifting through the tealeaves, pause, before parting with your money to be told that 'I see a dark stranger coming into your life' for the dark stranger is the fortune teller. 
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Still  say you want to get 'in touch'  with someone who is dear and passed away,
a visit to Madame Foruna might be better than taking mind altering drugs to releive your suffering (I am being light) 

I am afraid at this juncture phenomena existing outside of space and time and impervious to physical shielding is a non goer.

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