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'Adenosine' and a double expresso coffee before the 10,000 metres race

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Forcing ourselves to keep going phsyically also means ignoring all the signals from our body telling us to stop.

This “response inhibition” is very mentally taxing, and it causes a substance called adenosine to build up in the brain.

Adenosine is associated with the feeling of mental fatigue – it builds up when people run marathons or work on boring spreadsheets, or if they haven’t had enough sleep.

 Adenosine increases perception of effort. It is the enemy of endurance.
Caffeine blocks adenosine. This is why Mo Farah drinks a couple of espressos before a race, and why caffeine pills and gum have become an essential part of the long-distance runner’s pre-race preparation.

You can also train your brain, by doing monotonous response- inhibition tasks before or during exercise. In the short term, this will make your performance worse, but in the long run your brain will learn to produce less adenosine, which will reduce perception of effort and increase endurance.

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