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Our bodies are a symphony, or just mostly bacteria,

Our bodis might be regarded as a kind of symphony of eyes, mouth, limbs, sex, hands, teeth

Or more mundanely the progressive objectification and coordination of

For there is not first an eye, and then a function that conveniently moves into it. There is a living world, representations,  with beings of various forms, evolving and differentiating, and the need, or requirement, to see or perceive, in keeping with that environment.

More humbling is that fact that the largest element in our composition of that holy grail, our bodies, is that of bacteria.

No wondere we employ ancient Eastern ethic, as we in our desperation reach out metphysicaly to some world behnd the worlds  to deal witht this realisation and deem ourselves to be of a 'hgher' order as we pursue our elf-servingmanagement of this world

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