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Let us stop reaching out for a singulariy a 'world/heaven' behind the worlds

Can we arrive at this?

The form of life that Hegel observed to be waning and fading into a mirky greyenss, is the form in which religion—the erstwhile providential safeguard of world and existence—loses, along with its legitimacy, the very meaning of its most specific resources: 
the act of faith,'prayer'

Could we arrive at a view that the act of faith, prayer, formerly seen as an act of  vitality and vivacity appears only as an act whihc is underpinned by a long history of dogmatic and institutional control

Since Athens, then Rome,and then the sovereign modern State have, each in turn, renewed this aporia
- that irresolvable internal contradiction or logical disjunction in a text, argument, or religious theory - there has been nothing other than the renewed aporia of a religion of other worldniness, Religions that, by themselves, have created both social bonds and governments that rule us all.

Let us lay the blame on Plato's cave analogy, in Plato's, that arch Apolinian's  view was what we see is just 'false' representation and the 'real' or perfection is unattainable and elsewhere, which in the view of that most eminent philosopher Bertrand Russell's view,  'set civilisation back 2000 years.' 

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