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The paranoids Bible 'it is all the fault of Russian collusion.'

The European Union replete with unelected bureaucrats on obscene salaries dictating to sovereign states. Just great!  NATO member countries not meeting their defence financial commitments - well, that that seems perfectly reasonable; a photo of caged children filched from under the Obama administration is employed in anti-Trump propoganda;  ham fisted scheming by the left; perfectly justifiable. And nothing like further charging people up in a currently very volatile US  then to employ emotive language such as 'ripping' children from their mothers, that is sure to calm the waters. And across those waters what is happening?  Call it border xenophobia if you wish but populations across Europe are casting their votes against the quasi religious liberal consensus; Orban in Hungary; Kaczynski in Poland and  across European capitals, for instance in Slovakia and the Czech Republic; added to this, the jaw dropping fact that a third of France voted for Marine Le Pen in the last French election. More recently elections in Italy and Austria have further undermined the Merkel guilt ridden Liberal mantra. The Liberal view no doubt will limp on, as quasi religions do, but across Europe why is this happening? I mean whole European  populations can't all be 'deplorables, ignorant, uneducated'. If you care to reply, please don't refer to the paranoids Bible mantra 'it is all caused by Russian collusion'.  Even if some American have actually woken up to find those pesky Russians hiding under their bed.
God damn it, those Russians, they are everywhere.

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