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Saddle up cowboys join the posse and save America

.I am sure writers are fully justified in airing injustices.  However, how about a piece from the NYT that endeavours to mobilize the whole of US society in a kind of rapprochement, to what is an ongoing tacit civil war.
for America could do with some healing. Airing grievances is incendiary although good copy, urging people to protest is quite irresponsible at this moment in American history  Carry on with this tacit civil war in the US and it will disenfranchise the dead and prove to have been cavalier about the unborn. My advice to Americans is to saddle up cowboys and start riding with the p George Orwell was in no quandry as to the question of whether he should join the intellectuals in their wrecking ball critiques or stand by the ordinary people in their hour of need, he chose the latter and America is in an hour of need.  Something rather Trumpian about Orwell.

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