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How the Russian collusion mantra morphed into common sense

The consequence of  a Russian collusion mantra propounded by the media, the talkers, the experts, the think tanks, the eltites, the ex cathedra prouncements from on high envelops everything - for they are the people  define what constitutes an agreed-on reality

Epistemological (what is deemed to be knowlege) nihilism looms.

Trying saying this and you will be quickly deemed to be a 'nut'  toT say this is to risk dismissal as the ultimate Russian water carrier contemporary Washington: 

The fact remains: sometimes powerful people arrange to promote ideas that benefit their common interests. Whether we call this hegemony, conspiracy or merely special privilege hardly matters. 

What does matter is the power to create what Gramsci (Antonio Francesco Gramsci (ˈJa1891 – 1937) was an Italian Marxist philosopher and politician)

.called the ‘common sense’ of an entire society. Even if much of that society is indifferent to or suspicious of the official common sense, it still becomes embedded among the tacit assumptions that set the boundaries of ‘responsible opinion’.

 So the Democratic establishment (along with a few Republicans) and the major media outlets have made ‘Russian meddling’ the common sense of the current moment. What kind of cultural work does this common sense do? What are the consequences of the spectacle the media call (with characteristic originality) ‘Russiagate’?

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