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The interminable itch of anti-Trump journalists

One clear sign of intellectual infirmity is the desperation with which liberals, removed from the cockpit of American power, forage for ideas and inspiration on the lumpen right.
Like a person with an interminable itch, a NYT  article appears to have been written by someone driven quite unhinged by the ongoing fact of the  Trump presidency. So nothing like naming and shaming from a great height, thereby coming across as uniquely virtuous.  Fact check: was the much debated photograph of caged children a remnant of the Obama era, etc. The deterioration of the so called 'intelligentsia' furthers a  fracture of  America.  I am aware that this is not the standard f... you Trump comment however, If you publish this you will go a long way to disproving the growing contention, on the European side of the pond,  that the New York Times is the Pravda of our time.


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