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America is like a Knight dying inside his arnour

,'Citizenship is the expression of a sublime reciprocity between individual and General will'.asserted Jean Jacques Rousseau, however reciprocity between individual and General will (Trump supporters) with the assault from the left has America folding like some knight dying inside his armour.   

The left are like simpering Jacobin's in their desire TO BEGIN THE WORLD OVER AGAIN

Here in the UK you have another former millennial, Tony Blair, probably the most despised man in the UK, he of the Jacobin type desire for a new world order, under a 'liberal' banner he instigated mass immigration tot he UK, as a means to rub the 'rights' nose in diversity and make the UK truly multicultural, and the result Brexit.  The people, the indigenous were not prepared to accept  their growing restriction on our free speech which has spread like knotweed   through the West. It was under the naivety of the do gooder, Blair, or those who educated him, (A 2/2 at Oxford don't eh know) that will have your grandchildren paying the price.

The chimera of good intentions infects much of the liberal left. Or at least it is partly good intentions, allied to an insuperable desire to show oneself as being morally superior to scumbags. But also a certain rank stupidity, a failure to appreciate what the outcomes are likely to be for each course of action they urge us to take...i.e Blair and his minons his did not envisage that their diversity 'new world' agenda would bring about Brexit

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