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Another article by a self flagellating Liberal journalist.

 A comprehensive article, or an attempt at a broad sweep which defies comprehension from another journalist on a 'serious' paper.  To echo John McEnroe, 'you cannot be serious?'

 It would seem, we are in the age of self flagellating Liberal journalists forever rattling their angst chains.

 But to the article: the assumed assumption that there is a 'self,' ergo, having innate properties, could be viewed as a laziness, rather than the less easy path of doubting to affirm such a proposition. I mean where does this self reside? To find it one is into a kind of infinite regress' that has us knocking on an infinity of doors to find the 'self'. 

As to the educated, the easy assumption that students emerge from University 'educated' is too easily assumed. Degrees in the Humanities are nor longer taken seriously, if you have been taught by teachers who know that you the student doesn't know that they the teachers actually don't know themselves. 

Evidence of this would the current day 'educated' post some terrorist atrocity gathering round a piano to sing Lennon's dirge 'Imagine'. Did anyone ever tell John (I recall time with him on Paradise Island ) that Utopian laments were a yearning for a 'Paradise Lost'. 'All you need is love' goes the asinine mantra, yet 'love' take many forms', say the 'love' in the name of a God that causes some psycho to kill teenage girls' the bomber goes to the concert, cradling and loving his explosive belt and loving Paradise, not loving Proust who has it that Paradise is only Paradise because it is unattainable. But how does Proust 'know'.

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