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The joke that only Trump is a 'porky pier' (liar)

England | Pending Approval
In an attempt at balance, one might ask, why does Hillary Clinton's supporters accept her lies, email etc? If there is no compare and contrast in an article then there is the danger of solipsism. But if you are on the left balance is not necessary, because if you are on the elite end of the spectrum and up pops one of the 'talking classes' or, tenured hermeunete, or secular priests or whatever, to assure you that there is only one side who tells lies...and that it is those, I can hardly get the words out of my mouth....those... deplorable Trump types. Yes, they naively buy into Trump's 'porky pies' (Cockney rhyming slang for 'lies') where as we on the increasingly secular religious left, at least we have a mission, 'resist' and in that mission there is only one side to be seen, so a faux psychiatric anti Trump polemic that will explain to us how those poor naive people consume lies is gullibly gorged without a mention of what 'our' side do. Pace Derrida, one has to ask, what benefit; what seductive or intimidating bonus do we derive from this article? What social or political advantage does the writer want to cause Does the journalist want to cause fear, or pleasure? To whom and how does he want to cause discomfort. With his faux psychology does he want to inflame with his lofty proclamations? One can only conclude the aim is to further divide, and to divide further a nation already riven by partisan views. Don't take any notice of this comment I was only joking

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