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That priesthood called 'Journalism'

That’s what journalists do: listen through silences, awaiting a clue...'                          Pithily put, however the subtext to that sentence might read                                    '...that's what journalists do, listen while awaiting a chance to echo their paymasters political bias.                                                                                                    Whereas '...reminded me of Flaubert’s remark about style, that it’s “the discharge from a deeper wound.”  How about the subtext of this sentence being:                      'style in 'journalism' can be an organized violence committed on ordinary speech because  it constitutes a deviation from average speech that estranges the reader.'

As to 'The intersection of personal and national psyches has always constituted the richest point of journalistic inquiry for me' as if atop Mount Parnassus, could read 'the convergence between my psyshce and Trump deplorables has alway been the lode star for my Trump animus.

But do go on your journalistic mission for if you haven't ever tried, Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better...that's enough Beckett.

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