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The Terninator the President and the Drama Queen a film by Jean Claude Macerloon

Scene 1 EXT DAY  The Presidential Palace

MACERLOON: You forger to turn your motor bike off

(TERMINATOR produces Howitzer and blows motor bike off the face of the earth)
I am not here for small talk, do you want a selfie or not?

PRESIDENT:  Oh mais oui, mon dieu what a strong handshake you have someting I tink I will copy when I next meet world leaders.

(A woman of d'un certain age) walks haltingly across the gravel towards them

TERMINATOR;  WHO is this do you want me to terminate her?

PRESIDENT: that is my  beloved, my darling, my teacher, my mother.

TERMINATOR:  Not sure I want to get involved in this I have my reputation to think of...

PRESIDENT:  Where are you going?

TERMINATOR:  To check things out with my agent

(The TERMINATOR presses a button on his belt and the jet pack strapped to his back
propels him inot space in a a nano second)

WIFE:  (Looking longingly at the trail of smoke in the sky) Pity, I always wanted to have a selfie with heem,

To be continued


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