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Jo talk 'Look at his hands, he is a thug, wheras my hands are well manicured

Look at this hands, rough, they are thuggish, whereas mine I treat them well lots of cream that sort of can always tell people are thugs by their hands,
people don't say about me ...look at Jo's glasses I mean they are vast
they are like two very large windows addressing you, and that sickening self deprecating manner he has, that is cringingly coy, he is a pseud a liar. He lies every morning with a miasma of attacks on
anyone who might have a counter view.  He is one of those soi disant educated journalists who
never heard an illiberal view from his college professors. So he is half educated.  Those sort of attacks on me are reprehensible. Whereas my virulent attacks on the Donald our President is perfectly
balanced ie a thug a liar a fraud  etc

Honest Joe, the uber liberal, with his sylvan tongue from his pseudo elevation (I am on television)
criticizes Donald Trump in the most rancid way, his fury always skirting incoherence
a touch of 'folk' wisdom here might help
when you point the (well manicured) finger there is always 4 fingers pointing back at you.
Still you are an honest Jo who is entitled to your incoherence.

Rather than poncing around on television Jo,  in that effete way would not honest Jo do better putting his
cuticles round the plough and start digging fields, surely a bit more nobility in that?

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