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Food is polysaturated with culture.

You are presumed to be able to decide how, and how much, you consume food, 

Eating is an instrumental act, and is so understood. You eat to fuel the body, and, in that sense, a Big Mac and super-sized French fries, unlike any cigarette, serve their purpose in supplying the body’s momentary energetic needs. 

But eating is, of course, much more than its energetic function. 

Food is polysaturated with culture.

Indeed, one could put it much more strongly: the practices attending the production, preparation and ingestion of food make up much of the substance of moral and social order. Foods are clean and unclean as well as nutritious and non-nutritious. They define racial, regional, religious, (pork and fish on Fridays for Catholics) national, class and cultural identity; i.e take the Haggis how peculiar it is to Scotland

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