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The death of Europe and trying to edit what London used to be like from your brain.

Wordsworth wrote in ‘Tintern Abbey’ of those rural places which, in ‘the din/Of towns and cities’, ’ It isn’t hard to imagine what he would think of multistorey parking garages – he fought to keep a railway line out of the Lake District – but I wonder if he ever felt the weight of the din of cities in pastoral places and calculated what their effect might be.  Look at the din of high rise building in London, 
altitude correlates neatly with economic clout and the changing skyline. London is becoming a 
 place full of amnesiac erasures of history, the London indigenous cockney is now a fossil and impositions of histories, immigration,  that are culturally alien.

It is said that the reason you lose your recent memory after a blow to the head is that you haven’t had time to edit it yet. We edit, but life lies also in the outtakes. And they get grimmer and grimmer. ie. how London as a city has changed.

Perhaps what’s terrifying about these new urban landscapes is that they imply the possibility of a life lived as one long outtake and the outtakes is that the indigenous population is fleeing London,  at a scary rate.They are currently far outnumbered. Of course I will not discourse on why this appalling rape of London has taken place, but stand up white politicians who flooded the country with immigrants to 
rub the electorates noses in diversity.  No one gave then permission to do this, think how sad this is
of Germany Sweden UK London.....are we witnessing the death of Europe, some pop their heads up
from the politically  correct trenches to say so...but they are few and are drowned out by Liberal media 
the State, the Judiciary and  most odious of all the soi disant educated professoriat in the Universities who
have never had or accommodated an illiberal thought and produce like battery hens leftist students who
graduate to newspapers and media to spread their religious liberal mind set

You get off the train in central London and witness the increasing evidence of people living on the streets, signs abound, 'will work for food, fallen on hard times' there is an accumulation of  evidence of this and  they tend to  people who are also discards, a kind of subterranean realm hauled to the surface. 

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