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The Round Table is no more Merkel a childless amd fickle Guinevre who has destroyed Germany by adopting millions

In Guinevre folk/volk language Merkel was smitten; wiggled from base to apex with girlish enthusiasm
her Launcelot being millions of immigrants hold her hands in a Dürer position of prayer, in the hope that her policy will succeed she may do
but her policy in the long term is deeply vulnerable - (see France by example the country is like someone in submissive prayer  kneeling on a low stool in  hassock clothing praying for their country which is now so vulnerable and breakable.

The supine French and German electorate hoping and praying it (Macron and his mother Merkel) will work.

Praying Hands Image

This kind of accusation could be levelled at Blair and Hollande and a phalanx of UK and French politicians who advocated and encouraged the addiction to cheap foreign labour without the consent
of their electorates

Despite her sunny equability Merkel will one day have to own up to the damage she has done
but don't hold your breath, politicians rarely own up to their past  errors instead they hold on fast to that piece of wood debris in the turbulent and angry sea storm they have created.

The US is undergoing the same painful metamorphosis  that 'cheap/slave' labour favours only an uber capitalism
(here one night think  of the fall of the Roman Empire who brought slave in from all their conquered territories
and all was well till the slave rose up and overthrew their masters).

In many countries in Europe Sweden Austria German the UK the 'Round Table' that symbol of equanimity is no more.German Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks during the national integration awards ceremony at the Chancellery in Berlin on May 17, 2017

The UK will “pay a price” if it moves to restrict EU immigration after Brexit, Angela Merkel said on Wednesday.

And now in a piece of unpparallled arrogance she is INSISTING that for the UK to get a Brexit 'deal'
there must be no restriction on EU immigration to the UK - does she not realise that Brexit was a vote
on immigration - there is no stopping this woman

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