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Will it ever end?, No, it will not ever end, still 'something' is done.

More innocent lives lost in Paris, Police Officers, brave men doing a vital job for their communities
gunned down by a terrorist, 'known' to the Police.  So if he was 'known' why was this allowed to happen?  We are told he was released early from gaol after a previous attempt to gun down Police Officers, Human Rights would appear to have their fingerprints all over this one.

So, again and again, more innocents lives lost; an American on holiday in London; a mother going to pick up her children fro school, a girl jumping off a bridge in terror and it goes on and on and on....
but hey if you love death more than you love life as most of these perpetrators appear to do
then one is up against a fundamental mind set quandry,

And the resolution?  Well, call me a coward if you will, but I am afraid to say anything (we are in an
Orwellian world)  in case I contravene the PC, Human Rights rule that overrules and is now enshrined in our legal processes.

If readers of this blog have any thoughts I would be very interested in their views. 

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