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Bill Maher a rather frightening advocate for the left

OK,  all comedy is criticism in some form or the other.

However to watch Bill Maher in a gleeful form of self-deprecation gushing on about the benefit of 'pot' is to witness 'cool' grandstanding to a cringe worthy  degree.  What is worrying is that he has such a large audience, the facile preaching to the facile
and speaking of audiences one can't help wondering if his studio audience, to whom Bill is a kind of Lord of the Flies,  get a Liberal chip implant as they enter the theatre for judging by their hysterical cheering whooping and rapturous applause to every one of Bill's sneers you would have to wonder.

Where did this man get his ideas from; is he one of half educated who emerge indoctrinated from a 'good' University.  Did the Liberal Professoriat get to him as it has  so many others gullible media types who  emerge with a fake (to use a current word of opprobrium) education.

Is that where his moral outrage emanates from 'fake' education. After all 'moral' is not a scientific fact ergo it is an opinion and Maher's spitting in fury moral outrage is no more than calling attention to himself in a rancorous megaphone manner.

But back to the lovable self deprecating Bill, 'I am just an old pot head'; well Bill we have all done it
and I did for a decade and then some of us, when a good woman and the children come along have to discard the torn jeans and get into the real world (Paul McCartney discarded pot because of his children). But I do understand Bill, it would be a barren world indeed without your
infantilising, lavatorial aptly named 'pot'.

When one inadvertently falls on his programme (because he does have some serious and interesting guests - the pull of the ego to appearing on television is irresistible even to thinking types ) one is rather puzzled by his rather strident claim that he is an avowed atheist.

But why then spitting moral outrage  'get out of my Liberal Temple' to any opposing view after all as a liberal what I am espousing is holy writ and by way of television (I don't have a television myself)
he has been almost self anointed as the roi soliel of the deplorable, half educated left deploring the decrepitude of the 'ignorant stupid' Trump supporters. Bill who astonishingly gave Obama a million dollars could be by his action be termed a water carrier for Obama/Clinton alliance.

And though our Bill may not be overtly seeking celestial redemption, yet such certainty, such passion, such seeking out of the moral high ground is surely only for those of a religious bent.

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