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What is a 'norm'; what is a 'rule' and are they specific to human beings or do they apply to other species?

What is a rule? What is a norm? What is the ontological status of rules and norms?
(2) Are norms linguistic entities, or language-dependent entities?
(3) What is the relationship between norms and (speech and legal) norm-creating acts?
(4) What is the relationship between the validity and the existence of rules and norms?
(5) In what sense are rules and norms respectively objects and means of interpretation?
(6) In what sense a norm can be a “reason for action”?
(7) What kind of logical relationships are possible between rules or norms?
(8) Do rules and norms involve or consist in specific psychological, emotional, or neurological phenomena?
(9) Is normative and norm-related behavior specific to human beings or also to other species

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