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Post Trump and Brexit welcome to the looking glass world of the comedic set.

Think of the inane clapping and whooping by the (must be) selected TV audience of Bill Maher as he rails against Trump, his every sneer has them in convulsions, his foul language seems to be his badge of authenticity, his pretentious references to his own drug taking - seriously Bill, isn't this all a little adolescent, you know we've all done that been there, got the t shirt etc. But for most of us with children...
he hasn't any but deploys this lack as a means to poke fun at those who have.
Yes, Bill he gave a million dollars to that smoothy Obama - and that tells one a lot about his naivety

Comedians, you wonder that they can do apart from talk and sneer, but let us move on for they are just not serious people.

In the UK Comedians have been complaining about how their audiences outside the London ivory tower hate their anti-Brexit routines.
Apparently their moaning is about  the angry punters who have been walking out “every night” when they make fun of Brexit...this does not happen in Liberal London

Welcome to the looking glass world of the comedic set.

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