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On being a shadow of a shadow in a PC culture

There is a particular kind of gnawing at the soul that happens when you live in a place
city/town/country under the political duress - called PC.
The sort of duress that dictates how you act what you say and even what you think and in an Orwellian way what others believe what you might be thinking
To be inhabiting such a place that forces you to curb or conceal your desires, swallow and suppress ideas, hide beliefs, stand as a shadow of who you to consign you to a state of living denial
However you must conform - it t is a matter of survival, for the 'thinking' world is ruled by half educated liberal ideologues who are spewed out by the Universities adorned with their good causes badges seeking converts as is the case in any religion. 
Meanwhile the professoriat (63 to 1 liberal in the Humanities)  tenured hermeneutes that they are,  gloat on taxpayers money for the great job the have done on their acolytes.
We, the taxpayer paid them they in turn deny you a voice.

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