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The rhetorics of normality -depth is an illusion

Image result for deep personYou should be mocking ‘male’ self affirmation, deep identity, the idea of having a deeper nature. Depth is an illusion.
Then the surface is all?
No, the surface is pose.  Depth is the delusion as is the celebrations of an authentic self.  There is nothing so superficial as depth, there one of your country men said that.”
“Who was that?”

“Oscar Wilde. Look, there are rhetorics of normality that go the rounds at different cultural times, look at the Greeks then the Romans and so on.  So, we are all victims of our cultural times and the discourses and tropes that go with those times. So it is a bit of a delusion to go around celebrating the authenthic self. 
So when you meet people of say a different sexual bent you should not really apply the rhetoric of normality. For normality is a concept which changes. 

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