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Sexuality as performance

Sexuality can be a kind of performance, a performance  which bring about cultural clichés, tropes if you like.

Think of someone like |Oscar Wilde who maintained that if  you are writing you should keep the “I” out of it, for in art there is no first person. 

Another Wildeism by the way. was that  the perverse, was and remains a concept bound up with insurrection. The esteemed psychiatrist went on, 'Yes, the peeling away of jaded surfaces. 

Yes, insurrection.” whether it applied to 17th Century Elizabethan vagrants, or 20th century female cross-dressers,  perverse sexuality is an assumed role rather than a revelation of authenticity that arises out of  cultural prohibition and repression. Whereas heterosexuality defines itself in opposition to a feared or desired same-sex desire. The over stated horror of homosexuality is particularly relevant in male writers.

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