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The ideality that is the oxygen tent for the virtuous

I want to do the 'right' thing, the 'good' thing, I wish to be ''moral' about this
after all my actions are ethical, we must keep our 'values'.

However all such moral/ ethical/ good /values - can be put to the rack.

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For how are these sentiments constituted and supposedly grounded in our being?
- that is, can become the theme of a scientific investigation capable of distinguishing true (or valid) from false values.  I think/know not.

What must be extrapolated from these 'values' claims is the ideality at their core, undergirded by passion or emotion, however in this regard they do  not have some sort of timeless validity, indeed many have argued (Sartre) that they have no real authority and cannot be used to underwrite or justify 'moral' claims. 

So there.
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