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The Russians are the cause of all our woes - the Democrats' cri de coeur

Image result for democrats and the russians

How does one move on from innuendo or caterwauling - the Democrats eking out their eerie
aimless shrieks like cats moaning in alleys in the dead of night - 'shut the f...k up, throw something at those cats to stop that moaning' (in the UK the anti-Brexiteers are called 'Remoaners')

On a more serious note about these bogus Russian claims
what can be justified rationally under any claim must fall under the value-free objectivism of science, while all other validity claims become matters for an existential subjectivism of religious faith and ethical/moral perspectives

There is a cognitive meaninglessness by the baseless Democratic claims , reducing them to issues of emotive response and subjective preference.

Their evaluative language, it was the Russians, is solely a function of affective (blame others) attitude

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