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Frau Merkel, the childless pathological altruist who has ensnared Germany in self flagellation.

ANGELA MERKEL, dressed mockingly n a Muslim headscarf — the woman most often blamed for the migrant crisis in Europe
“Let them come . . . we can look after them all,” Merkel murmured beckoningly, echoing the words of the altruists all over Europe bearing placards that scream out their 'feelings' “REFUGEES WELCOME!”
Merkel, is a suitable case for treatment,  some argue she is a guilt-ridden, traumatized leader of a deeply traumatized nation and her way of handling the migrant crisis in Germany is not so much a stupendous example of pathological altruism as a symbolic act of self-flagellation on behalf of the German people, over the Holocaust.
That Germans and their descendants are 'responsible we must atone, 'for “the single most evil event in human history” has had such a demoralizing effect that millions fully support Angela Merkel’s current attempt to destroy the ethnic basis of their nation. Auf wiedersehen Germany, 
To  grasp the root cause of Germany’s suicidal approach to the migrant crisis - letting Germany be destroyed, the entire ethnic basis of the nation expunged, might be viewed as a collective act of atonement for the Holocaust.  Or, on a more mundane view of the childless Merkel, the act of a biologically broody woman.

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