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Another rape, another US tragedy so why not adopt the German model of 'flirtation lessons'

As the latest horrific news emerges from the US of another rape, another life ruined for the victim another US family stained, soiled and tear ridden for decades.

Yet before you can say boo to a goose, up pop the Liberal diversity upholders to defend their intergration philosophy, 'after all my 3rd cousin on my mother's side was an immigrant and now she is is an upstanding citizen who votes Democrat and upholds a no borders Clintonesque attitude to immigration.'  Surprise, surprise. 

Liberals, who post Trunp are fuelling the fires of a tacit civil war in the US and who liken any one  who opposes their sanctimonious (Sanctuary City) liberal view as 'Nazis'
night now comically adopt the German lesson as it endeavour to deal with its rape culture
and give “flirtation lessons”.  Yes, “flirtation lessons” it has become that surreal.

'All illegal immigrants in US Sanctuary Cities must attend 'flirtation lessons' ; this course
will be given by that renowned smoothy, a womaniser extrodinaire  Romeo Smith
who has successfully bedded countless women he seduced.

It doesn't get more surreal than this.

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