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Simone de Beauvoir's and implication for the transgender

Simone de Beauvoir's provocative declaration, “He is the Subject, he is the Absolute—she is the Other,” Does such a statement have implications for the transgender?

Think of this dilemma for the transgender person; s/he comes upon two opposing marches
one, a feminist march for the rights of women
and on the opposing side  of the street a march by men demonstrating their rights 
against their oppression by feminism,

Which march does s,he join,

Answer s,he notes a balloon passsing by s.he grabs hold of the string and and is hoisted above both demo's lofted in the air she cries out 'PASS'Rebecca Solnit on Hope in Dark Times, Resisting the Defeatism of Easy Despair, and What Victory Really Means for Movements of Social Change

Excuse the levity

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