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Deconstructing the inner citadel called the 'self'

What is the X of the self? Is it a thing, a substance, or is it a free flowing riverlet subject to the wind, rains, thunder and lightning of daily life?

However for many, even a majority today's prevailing conceptions of the self ignores the multiple, sometimes fractious sources of social identity constituted at the intersections of one's gender, sexual orientation, race, class, age, ethnicity, and so forth. 

Daily occurences such as structural domination and subordination are thought not to penetrate the “inner citadel” of selfhood. 

However those who deny these intrusions to the self deny the complexity of the dynamic, intrapsychic world of unconscious fantasies, fears, and desires, and they overlook the ways in which such materials intrude upon conscious life. 

The modern philosophical construct of the rational subject projects a self that is not prey to ambivalence, anxiety, obsession, prejudice, hatred, or violence. Age, looks, sexuality, biological composition, and physical competencies are considered extraneous to the self.

Time to return to the drawing board and storm the ranparts of that inner citadel of the self.

Think of the freedom of your self - not being consigned to a condition - but of making, constructing your self on a daily basis.

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