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The American lefty ducks who managed to hatch a wild swan

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USA now full of lefty ducks huddled together with tears in their eyes wondering how by a decade of their PC behaviour
 managed to hatch a wild swan called TRUMP

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DOPY DUCK: It was Fox dat dud it

DIPPY DUCK: It was the Russians that did it.


AND ANOTHER DUCK: And all those deplorable 'white' people.

WILD WHITE SWAN: (in a must have English accent as all Hollywood villains have English accents - don't yeh know)
'I say you lot isn't that a bit racist calling us 'whites' deplorables?' After all I am white, look at my feathers....and anyway what do you guys call yourselves?

(All the Ducks confer)

DUCK Cry, cry and cry again.

DAFFY DUCK: No, no, no, let's call ourselves the 'irredeemables'

ALL THE DUCKS: What does that mean?

DAFFY DUCK  Beyond redemption

ALL THE DUCKS:  What does that mean?

DAFFY DUCK:  impossible to correct, improve, or change:

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