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Hope and the hand jive philosophy of Michelle Obama


The “failure” of the other to conform to my hopes is not necessarily the fault of the other. My
 disappointment or injury is frequently the result of my having assigned some definite

 determinate quality to the other person or defined him  in terms of character

 However, by what right do I assign this characteristic to him, and by what right do I judge him to be wanting? Such a judgment drastically oversteps—or perhaps falls short of—the bounds of disponibilité. In doing so, it demonstrates clearly that I, from the outset, was engaged in a relationship to my idea of the other—which has proved to be wrong—rather than with the other himself. That is to say that this encounter was not with the other, but with myself. If I am injured by the failure of the other to conform to an idea that I had of him, this is not indicative of a defect in the other; it is the result of my inappropriate attempt to determine him by insisting that she conform to my idea.

Now she starts pronouncing on HOPE

Recently,  Michelle  the first Lady was in view hand jiving with Jamie Corden to pop music (some don't call it pop and refer to it as porn music) innocent enough you might say,

But then there is such a thing as the dignity of office, and after Christopher Hitchens criticised her University Thesis as being 'so bad that it was not written in any know language.'  Well, so what we can't be all academic.

No one is applauding the language of Trump if that is the case, but one just feels 'vulgarity' was not the appropriate word - for her hand jiving in a car with a media person to distasteful pop music did nothing for black culture and frankly she came across as, dare I use the word, vulgar.

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