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There is no 'Now'; it is just a convincing illusion.

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It all looks instantaneous to you. You say, “I’m typing this on the computer and the words are appearing now. However, they aren't and despite the massive industry in mindulness.
When we think of the 'now' we must take on some scientific realities.
Since light travels at a finite speed, it takes time for it to bounce from the computer screen to your eye. When you see a word, you are seeing it as it looked some time in the past.
To be precise, if you are looking at the computer and it is one foot from your eye, the light travel time from the computer screen  to your eye is about one nanosecond, or one billionth of a second. 
It is the same with every object you see or person you talk to. Take a look around. You may think that you are seeing all these objects at once, or “now,” even if they are at different distances from you. But you really aren’t, as light bouncing from each one of them will take a different time to catch your eye. The brain integrates the different sources of visual information, and since the differences in arrival time are much smaller than what your eyes can discern and your brain process, you don’t see a difference. The “present”—the sum total of the sensorial input we say is happening “now”—is nothing but a convincing illusion.
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