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'Snowflake' the insult that handcuffs you

The right are calling the left snowflakes for being liberal, 
and the left are calling the right snowflakes for expressing offence, 
and the old are calling the young snowflakes for being too thin-skinned, 
and the young are pointing out that the older generation seem to be the most offended by what they’re doing,
The only winner is the phrase itself.
It’s particularly effective given that there’s really no comeback to it:
 in calling someone a snowflake, you are not just shutting down their opinion, but telling them off for being offended that you are doing so. 
And if you, the snowflake, are offended, you are simply proving that you’re a snowflake. It’s a handcuff of an insult and nobody has the key.
However, on  their own, snowflakes are lightweight. Collectively, though, it’s a different story. A lot of snowflakes together can make for a blizzard

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