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The key word in the free wiil/determinacy debate is 'indeterminacy'

Biologists knew even earlier, from Charles Darwin's work in 1859, that chance was the driver for evolution and so chance must be a real part of the universe.

On entering  the free will/determined debate we are confronted with two words, One is the eulogistic word freedom,and the other is the opprobrious word chance 

So, do you have free will are all events determined?

 Alec/Alicia  gets a 1st from Oxford/Harvard say;
did s/he do it through his own free will or was there some determined causal factor?

Well I happen to know Alec and Alicia and I also know their parents who were polymaths and avid readers.  This was a causal element in Alec/Alicia's academic glittering careers.

Events must have causes.  But let us barrel down into Alec and Alicia's minds (whatever that means)
but let's us employ 'MIND' in a utilitarian way.

Alec/Alicia  reflect on their latest academic task as they do so they are not conscious of the mind's
pre-reflective state and is in this state, let us call the pistons which fire engine, the sensory receptors
fire off initiating our thought processes.  And the sensory receptors are fuelled by the atoms of which we are composed, so if we barrel down to the atoms, we find that rather that being static things they
can be in two places at the same time and through this barreling down we are now into
the bizarre word of Quantum Mechanics (although Quantum Theory is a more apt term as we don't really know what the 'Mechancis' are).

However have reached this point by tunneling backwards we can say that we have though QM
entered the world of chaos.

And in doing so we are into the world of indeterminacy, which make the free will/determinacy debate rather redundant

The classical problem of reconciling free will with physical determinism is now seen to have been the wrong problem. The real problem is reconciling free will with indeterminism.

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