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Good morning America, you are not alone, we (UK) are there with you.

Our faculty of Judgement might be termed the jewel in the crown of our cognitive abilities.

The word alienation comes to mind when considering what has happened in the USA (Trump) and Brexit.  A class or more apt an underclass felt alienated. Alienated from what?  A metropolitan elite, a biased media, a lame duck US President, and this underclass sneered at and reviled by those sitting on Mount Moral, cushioned by their political correctness et al that so characterizes this  modern elite.

This human capacity to bring the new, unexpected, and unanticipated into the political landscape; this quality of action by the Trump triumph and Brexit means for others (France/Holland et al)  that the existing categories of understanding (the EU)  has been subverted.  

This morning one watched the tears of the Clinton supporters, one feels for them. as they stole away unable to accommodate this unprecedented event. The crestfallen Clinton supporters trooping  tearfully home, reflecting on their dashed hopes, they might reflect that their judgements were beset by a potential
inadequacy with respect to that which they were called upon to judge.  This inadequacy might be said to be in the DNA of all our judgements.

After they have licked their wounds, 
and if they care to judge at all, they would be well advised to 'judge' without preconceived categories and...without that  set of customary Liberal rules which is morality.

It must be a new kind thinking without the support rail of past biases and prejudices

I wish them well as I wish all of America well.

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