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Obama - he campaigned in Poetry and ruled in Prose

It is day one (tomorrow)  of the new dawn - Hillary Clinton has won by a narrow margin. Half the population sigh, well better the devil you know, the other half endeavour to contain their nausea and rage.

Barack Obama he of the listless passivity in Office, leaves the White House today to an America sharply divided, On Obama's watch, he ruled over what he himself described as a divide between
Liberals and Conservatives as a 'Cold Civil War'  As he leaves the Oval Office that civil war has developed into the permafrost of Polar regions under his oh so voluble watch.

Where he endeavours to tar Trump as a latter day Robespierre, uncorrupted by our Liberal ideals of
of (muddled) pity and  (lachrymose) compassion. Yes, 'caring' is solely the Liberal domain.

Let's say we are day one of Clinton's presidential trifecta Bill Clinton  2000-04 Bill Clinton 2004-08, Hillary Clinton 2016-20 -  talk of a monied dynasty that is beginning to rival the UKs Royal Windsors, across America there is a seething mass of the populace who will feel cheated and denied as they point the finger at the left wing conspiracy of say the media, (some truth in that} but you can't blame the media for they too have been brainwashed into a bastardised kind of Orwell speak (think Princeton/Yale/Harvard/Cornell}
The resentment and ire of half the American populace is not going to go away for any Republican in Congress who offers even basic civility to Clinton's White House more than likely will be deemed a weasel, a collaborator in the eyes of their frustrated constituents.

Barack Obama has not been a great President, and has failed to provide sorely needed global leadership
but he has proved himself a good and honourable family man unlike his priapic predecessors Kennedy and Clinton, no mean achievement when you hold so much power.

So all one can say, in good grace,  is well done Barack,  But 'Stronger Together' hmm, have to put that one on ice.

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